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July 2019 Wrap Up

1. Crown of Feathers Format: Audible audiobook This book heavily reminded me of The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson and it focuses on Veronyka who is an animage and her dream is to become a phoenix rider. She poses as a boy because she goes to meet other phoenix riders but they're all boys and… Continue reading July 2019 Wrap Up


January 2019 Wrap Up

1. Queen of Air and Darkness This book was amazing! So many things happened and there were so much explosive plot scenes. If you're a huge fan of The Infernal Devices, then you'll really love a certain something/someone in this book. Even Emma and Julian's relationship finally gets closure and solution in this book. The… Continue reading January 2019 Wrap Up

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Review: The Golden Curse (the new Throne of Glass series to look out for!)

Synopsis: A curse. A hidden identity. A dangerous love. Ten year old Persinette Basile was forced to flee the palace of Gaule for her life. Now at eighteen, she must find a way to return in order to obey a curse on her family line. The prince won’t know who she is. Not anymore. But… Continue reading Review: The Golden Curse (the new Throne of Glass series to look out for!)


January TBR Pile (Includes new 2019 releases) + Preorder Offers

Here are the books that I want to read and I aim to read for the month of January. No promises that I actually get to read all of them but it's fun to share new January 2019 releases and there are a lot of January 2019 YA releases that all sound amazing! 1. A… Continue reading January TBR Pile (Includes new 2019 releases) + Preorder Offers


December 2018 Huge Book Mail!

First off, I would like to thank all the publishers who sent me so much books back in 2017 which only arrived now because my aunt in the US was only able to ship the rest of my books now and thankfully they're all here! I actually didn't expect this much books from Amazon Publishing… Continue reading December 2018 Huge Book Mail!

Adult Books, All

Review: Two Weeks Notice

Author: Whitney G. Publisher: WGW Books Published: July 19, 2018 Genre: Romance, Adult This book is about a freshly graduated business college student who can't get a job and decides to steal food from the wealthiest and well known hotel owner in New York. He owns almost all the hotels in New York. She steals… Continue reading Review: Two Weeks Notice