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Fantastic Beasts Book Launch and Block Screening Event (by National Book Store and Scholastic Asia)

This is my first time attending this event and I was given the opportunity because I won the giveaway hosted by National Book Store, Philippines. They gave away two free tickets to the book launch and block screening of the highly awaited film, Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald. The place was in My Cinema, the private cinema of Greenbelt 3 in Makati, Philippines. I actually didn’t know they had a private cinema and the event was complete with a small reception/gathering area and free popcorn and soft drinks. The event started with an introduction and then two activities with prizes of course.

The first game was the Niffler game where in you have to get the most number of chocolate gold coins within a certain time and the one who gets the most number is the winner. I didn’t win because I only had 7 while the winner found 15 (from what I can recall I think). The next game is the Nagini game where in there are three black snakes hidden around the cinema and by far this was the hardest because the Nagini snake was the same color as the cinema and the chairs. I also didn’t win this game unfortunately. I guess I’m that bad at games.

On another hand, my mom bought me this super cute pen from Big Boys Toys Store who sells Funko products here in the Philippines. I got mine for P189 because of my 5% discount in store. How cute is Pickett in this!

My Experience

I actually almost missed the 1 pm call time that was said by National Book Store because of the heavy traffic. I didn’t expect the traffic that day since it was a Saturday so I woke up later than usual. It was a good thing that the event doesn’t start at exactly 1 pm but I didn’t know that before I got there so I panicked and rushed because I thought the movie would start at exactly 1 pm 😂. I didn’t expect that there would be activities and a photo booth afterwards and I’m so thankful that I won because it was really an event to remember. The photo booth was so much fun and a member of the Hogwarts Philippines team dressed up as Grindelwald! It was so on point!

I got to meet members of Scholastic Asia in the Philippines and the Headmistress and members of Hogwarts Philippines. It was so fun! Especially because it was unknown territory and I didn’t know anything about a bloggers group and the Hogwarts Philippines group. As a blogger, I also got a swag bag! It included The Crimes of Grindelwald original screenplay book and the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts complete movie guide book that was just recently released this year. I almost didn’t get one and I thank Scholastic Asia and National Book Store for giving it to me! I’m really thankful because I wasn’t in their blogger list in the first place.

Overall it was a really great event. It didn’t take too long of my time and I still had time to process everything that happened in the movie. The event was truly something to remember because of the Hogwarts Philippines team and of course the Grindelwald cosplay! I loved seeing all the Potterheads in one room as well as all the Potterhead talks and references. Truly an event not to be missed by Potterheads!

You can get your copy of The Spellbinding Guide to the films Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts in National Book Store and another fun promo by them is that you get a FREE Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts book with every purchase of the Original Screenplay of The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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