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Signing Up + Progress Tracker for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge #YARC2019

Blog header from Vicky Who Reads blog. At first I didn't know that #YARC2019 was actually a blog thing. I thought that when I saw it on Twitter it was just a hashtag but then it's actually so much more! It's a reading challenge to read YA books written by Asian authors. Being an Asian… Continue reading Signing Up + Progress Tracker for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge #YARC2019

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Fairyloot June Broody Banter 2019 Unboxing

This box is from Fairyloot which is a UK based subscription book box and every month they feature a newly released book. And they have their own special edition and exclusive book merch inside each box. I was lucky enough to have the funds this month (my birthday month), and I was able to get… Continue reading Fairyloot June Broody Banter 2019 Unboxing

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The Merciful Crow ARC Review

Author: Margaret Owen Publisher: Henry Holt Published: July 30, 2019 Genre: Fantasy, YA The book starts by introducing the band of crows who are immune to the plague in the country. Their the lowest in the caste system and their job is to take care of the plague bodies. One day, they go to the… Continue reading The Merciful Crow ARC Review

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Fierce Reads ARC Blogger Package 2019

@bookishangel Huge thank you to the Fierce Reads team for sending me all these books! I'm very excited to share to you guys how amazing these books were. I'll be posting separate book reviews/promo posts for them 😸💜. Books in the package: 1. The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen Publish: July 30, 2019 A future… Continue reading Fierce Reads ARC Blogger Package 2019

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June 2019 Wrap Up

1. Aurora Rising What I loved about this book was the closeness of the characters and how they’re the type of character that are really memorable. Their personalities and appearances are really memorable and I loved the writing style and the storyline. The authors kept the mystery of who Aurora is and what she is… Continue reading June 2019 Wrap Up

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Review: Aurora Rising

Synopsis: From the internationally bestselling authors of THE ILLUMINAE FILES comes an epic new science fiction adventure.The year is 2380, and the graduating cadets of Aurora Academy are being assigned their first missions. Star pupil Tyler Jones is ready to recruit the squad of his dreams, but his own boneheaded heroism sees him stuck with… Continue reading Review: Aurora Rising

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DEV1AT3 PH Blog Tour

Lemon Fresh has seen better days. After the climactic battle in Babel, she finds herself separated from Ezekiel and Cricket in the wastelands. Lemon’s abilities to manipulate electricity mark her as a deviate, and deadly corporate operatives are hunting her to use as a weapon in the war between BioMaas Incorporated and Daedelus Technologies. Instead,… Continue reading DEV1AT3 PH Blog Tour